MEET THE OWNER: Alissa has always had a heart for expressing her love for people through fashion. She has always loved 70’s fashion and all the eclectic and revolutionary styles it established. Her mom always would say she was born in the wrong decade! She is also a big fan of all the neon colors and grunge style the 80’s and 90’s had going on as well.

Nowadays, you can catch her in a comfy t-shirt and jeans, but, she loves to offer items the make people feel happy. Her motto is to make women of all stages of life feel confident and like they can conquer the world!


Some fun gems about Alissa:


- She has her undergrad in Business Administration + Management

- Masters in Business Administration + Health Services

- She works as a business counselor for the past couple of years helping other entrepreneurs build + establish + grow their businesses

- She owned Sassy Owl Boutique from 2014-2016

- She LOVES spending time with her husband and two children. You can catch her daughter, Katie working in the boutique and her son is proudly serving in the Air Force!

- And last, but not least, she loves the beach!